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Easy Interest

ScreenShot of Easy Interest by LVCsoftware Do you need a loan? Do you want invest your money and know future value? Are you evaluating a new bank account and want know which is the best for you? Easy Interest is your App! Enter the details of your investment and you will know immediately the values ​​of simple or compound interest accrued, and its total value of your capital. Enter the details of your loan and you will know immediately the values ​​of simple or compound interest due and the value of capital that you will return at the end. Functions -Simple Interest *Calculate Interest *Calculate Future Value -Compound interest *Calculate Interest *Calculate Future Value Trial Version - We are able to calculate simple interest but not compound. - There are advertising. New in version 1.2 -Added Italian language. -Decreased...
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Pinterest 1.0.6

ScreenShot of Pinterest 1.0.6 by Pinterest, Inc. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. Join millions of pinners who are using Pinterest to share and explore their interests: • Find recipes that will surprise your friends • Plan destinations for your next vacation • Collect your favorite music videos • Discover design ideas for your home • Save and compare items you’re shopping for Features: • Pin what you love from around the web • Discover content by browsing interest categories...
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Autovelox S4 Basic 4.0

ScreenShot of Autovelox S4 Basic 4.0 by Zirak s.r.l. The ONLY application for detecting SPEEDCAMS and a lot of other critical points on the street that: - Has a nice and easy graphical user interface Apple style - Works in STANDBY MODE (screen locked) saving a lot of battery charge - Allows you to import Point of Interest from public domain databases so you can use AutoveloxPlus in the whole Europe without additional costs - Has all the features of a professional application: - Detects fixed speedcams - Detects mobile speedcams or points where you can find a police patrol - Detects SICVE Tutor monitored streets, monitors your average speed inside the SICVE track and gives you informations about the next check point - Detects Restricted Traffic Zones - Detects Ecopass zones - Detects redlight speedcams (TRED and REDSTOP) - Metric Systems: Decimal...
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Field Trip 1.05

ScreenShot of Field Trip 1.05 by NianticLabs@Google Field Trip is your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you. Field Trip runs in the background on your phone. When you get close to something interesting, it pops up a card with details about the location. No click is required. If you have a headset or bluetooth connected, it can even read the info to you. Field Trip can help you learn about everything from local history to the latest and best places to shop, eat, and have fun. You select the local feeds you like and the information pops up on your phone automatically, as you walk next to those places. The hyperlocal history experts of Arcadia will unveil local lore in places you never expected. Trend-setting publications like Thrillist, Food Network, Zagat, and Eater will point out the best places to eat and drink...
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Where To Go? HD - Find Points of Interest using GPS 4.0.8

ScreenShot of Where To Go? HD - Find Points of Interest using GPS 4.0.8 by Networking No matter if you need to find the closest bar, grocery store, pharmacy, taxi firm or historical point-of-interest, WhereToGo is the app you need. It works globally, has over 500 location types and even provides turn-by-turn directions to your chosen destination. Fully customizable, an incredibly simple interface hides a sophisticated engine that plugs into the largest Points of Interest database and global map on the market. Can't decide where to go? Use our Shake-to-Suggest feature to explore and experiment! ✔ Works with any version of the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with OS 3.0 or above. ✔ Over 500 preset searches sorted into 12 common categories. ✔ Search can be done within a few taps, no typing needed. ✔ Fully customizable. You can sort, add, remove, rename all items. ✔ Simple...
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Loan Analyzer

ScreenShot of Loan Analyzer by Lakshmi Solutions LLC Loan Analyzer is a simple app that will help you analyze the majority of loans that you can encounter in the market. Analyzing loans is easy, just enter your loan information on the main form except for the value that you want to solve and then click on any of the 3 buttons to calculate (Loan Amount, Interest Rate or Payment). It is a great app recommended for real estate agents, loan brokers, college or finance students, and anyone in general looking to get and analyze an auto, mortgage, or personal loan. Features: 1) Loan screen to calculate the amount, or the payment, or the interest of the loan depending on your input. 2) Analysis screen to review loan details, interest only payment, total interest to pay, and early payment options. Also, you can send the loan details via email or text...
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123 Color HD: Premium Edition, Talking Coloring Book 2.0.17

ScreenShot of 123 Color HD: Premium Edition, Talking Coloring Book 2.0.17 by Steve Glinberg *** 40% OFF SALE, ON NOW *** IN CELEBRATION OF BEING FEATURED ON APPLE'S NEW & NOTEWORTHY APPS LIST • Woman's Day names 123 Color the #1 app for kids during road trips. • The New York Times says 123 Color HD is, "nice for introducing the sound of a new language."• says, with 123 Color HD, "Kids can let their inner Picasso shine."• 123 Color HD becomes the App Store's #1 ranked education app. • 123 Color was named #1 art app for kids by -- 123 Color teaches numbers, letters (upper and lower case), and colors, spoken in English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Hebrew with engaging artwork, voice-overs, music, sound effects, and animation. At the request of parents and teachers who want all 35 coloring books (sold...
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Converter Plus for iPad 1.5

ScreenShot of Converter Plus for iPad 1.5 by TranCreative Software Converter Plus is the most extensive unit converter that converts currencies, area, weight, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, volume, bits and bytes and many others. Live exchange rate update for all 167 world's currencies is downloaded automatically every 6 hours. You can also start the update manually. FEATURES: - Converting multiple units/currencies simultaneously - Built-in standard calculator - Support for compound units like Pounds + Ounces or Feet + Inches - Automatic currency exchange updates (downloaded from the internet) - Ability to edit units/templates and sharing the templates via email CONVERSIONS/CALCULATIONS: Area, Cooking, Coordinates, Energy and Work, Frequency, Gas Mileage, Length - Distance, Power, Pressure, Temperature, Velocity, Speed, ...
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ScreenShot of LIFE COACH 1.0 by Andros Link "LIFE COACH - 99 TIPS to INCREASE QUALITY OF LIFE" is a collection of valuable, easy-to-understand tips for all relevant topics of your personal life. They are all aimed at increasing your perceived quality of life. COMPACT - PROFOUND - PRACTICAL - JUST LIKE A MOBILE LIFE COACH AT YOUR SIDE! Are you searching for profound and effective tips that help you to reduce your everyday STRESS? Are you interested in gaining more SELF-CONFIDENCE, more SERENITY, more ENREGY or more TIME for YOURSELF? Would you like to EAT more CONSCIOUSLY and OPTIMIZE your NUTRITION? Are you looking for ways to better use your personal SOURCES OF POWER or to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE? Or do you need just one or the other hint, in order to have a more RECREATIVE SLEEP, get a HEALTHIER BACK or how to STAY ACTIVE ...
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Where To? - GPS points of interest 2.0.3

ScreenShot of Where To? - GPS points of interest 2.0.3 by FutureTap Discover your next destination! *** Note for existing customers who bought the app before June 23: The upgrade is not free, unfortunately. Please visit to understand why. *** Where To makes it incredibly easy to locate the closest steakhouse, bank branch, billiard club or anything else you may be looking for, at the drop of a hat! Think of it as a tradtional GPS device built right into your iPhone. With just a few taps, you can find local hits for any type of place you are looking for. Check the found places on the built-in map or in a list sorted by distance. Then call to make a reservation or check the homepage using the built-in web viewer. Get driving directions using maps, add the location to your contacts or share the location using email, SMS or the clipboard. ...
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